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  • Casual class $22 

  • Regular Concession $180 (10 classes) 

  • Therapy class $22

  • Beginner Introduction $100 (5 classes)

  • Private session $95 per hour, by arrangement

Class Descriptions:

Beginner - No prior Iyengar yoga experience. Restricted daily movement. Injury. Aches and pains.

General - Basic understanding of the beginner Iyengar asanas. Wishing to take your practice further.

Extension - Committed to regular yoga practice and wishing to deepen your understanding of Iyengar and what
this can bring to you in everyday life.

Therapy - By invitation following attendance at any of the other classes. A therapy class will provide the space and opportunity to address specific issues, that cannot be attended to in any of the other classes.

Private - Personal one-on-one session.
By appointment, $95hr

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